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Hi! My name is Victoria and I work as an artist, illustrator and designer in the beautiful city of Adelaide, South Australia.

I love to pursue the unusual, the (hopefully) funny and the (occasionally) crass. I hold a Bachelor Degree and Honours in Visual Communication (Illustration major) and balance my art and illustration with my job as a Visual and Human Centred Designer.

I am currently available for commissions. If you have an idea you'd like me to bring to life or a query about existing work (including wholesale reproduction and licensing) please get in touch.

Greeting cards, books, prints, textiles and a range of other merchandise can also be purchased through my Etsy shop or the following stores:

  • Spoonflower - textiles, wallpaper and wrapping paper
  • Red Bubble - clothing, artwork and other accessories
  • Society6 - clothing, artwork, and other accessories

If you're a fabulous weirdo who digs making donations to artists or you just want to shout me a cup of coffee I accept donations via PayPal

Thanks for reading, have a browse, say hello and have a great day!

Victoria (AKA Joan and Rose)